Our team of founders have individually been exploring building an Impact Hub in Jakarta for years. We share a collective vision to bring about social change in Jakarta and Indonesia. We are all passionate about building a community for people who aspire to do good for the city.

Beyond connecting Impact Hub to this massive country, we also hope to play an active role in the global community. Born and raised here, we’re all deeply connected to Jakarta at a local level, but are also globally focused and can help become the intercultural bridge towards effective collaboration. The past year has seen us travel together, work together, face challenges together, celebrate successes together, and in the process we’ve truly become a family.

Our love for this city and giving back all stems not only from being local, but because we were inspired by examples of innovation ecosystems we’ve seen through studying and living abroad. We’re deeply connected to our sense of purpose in starting Impact Hub and would love for you to join us!



Impact Hub Candidate