More than 50 people attended the first Impact Nights, social entrepreneurship event series, on February 22, 2017 at Coworkinc. Kemang. The inaugural event, titled “Transforming Non-Profit Into Social Enterprise”, marks the collaboration between Coworkinc., PLUS (Platform Usaha Sosial), Collective and Impact Hub Candidate Jakarta in raising and building a supportive ecosystem for all social entrepreneurs in Indonesia.


What is the best organizational structure for social enterprise? How can NGOs become sustainable and has less dependency on aids/grants? What are the important things to know when starting a social enterprise?


These are some of the questions raised by aspiring social entrepreneurs during the event. We had the pleasure to learn from mentors who have successfully transformed their social initiatives into a sustainable social business. Dompet Dhuafa, led by Ahmad Juwaini – CEO period of 2013 – 2016, points out social entrepreneurship should strive to overcome society’s most pressing social problems through innovation and sustainability.


Social problems can be solved by means of community empowerment. This is exactly what Indrasti Maria Agustiana is promoting through Tenunkoe, women weavers empowerment program in Nusa Tenggara Timur. Tenunkoe provides an end-to-end production and distribution solution to traditional yarn business while improving weavers life standard.


One of the biggest challenges for aspiring social entrepreneurs is to break the traditional mindset of social work and to be able to mix social impact, profitability and sustainability components together. Dollaris Riauaty Suhadi, Sahabat Cipta Executive Director, pointed out the importance of having a “Hulu – Hilir” business organization model, in which one aspect of the business focuses on social works and the other on business executions and distributions.


The first of the Impact Nights series reached more than 1700 people and had a 555 live video views on Facebook. The next event is going to take place on March 29th at Coworkinc. with the topic “Repositioning Craft Business as Sustainable Solution”.


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